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I am happy to say that my book received a positive review. I have posted the link below. Yaay!

This website was created in order to enlighten the people of what is going on "behind the scenes". I have information contained within this website that covers everything from ancient modern humans, time travel, Aliens, the "Matrix" concept, Gods, Giants and underground cities including the famous Agartha (Inner Earth).

As more articles come, I will also cover Universal Mysteries. These mysteries are some of the most amazing, mind bending mysteries to date.

This website contains information and articles based on evidence that modern human beings have inhabited the Earth for much longer than mainstream science is willing to admit.  My book "The Ancient Human Conspiracy" ©
contains much more information than I can squeeze into this site.  We also cover information on all sorts of conspiracies from aliens to Government cover-ups.  I would like to especially thank Alexander Koltypin for assisting me in my research. I really look up to him not only as a "mentor" but as an archaeologist as well as a friend.. He has been a huge help to me.  I have (will) included some articles from his website.  I invite you to visit his website and check out his plethora of information.  This is the ultimate website for information on ancient gods, ancient civilizations and much, much more. 

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