My name is Jennifer D. Gray.  I live in the suburbs outside of Charlotte, N.C. I have always known that I waned to write and also I have always had an interest in the “unknown”.  I, (with the support of my dear family and fiancee), have decided to put my two loves together and write. I study everything from ancient mysteries to spiritual mysteries to Universal mysteries.  My latest endeavor is learning about the “real” age of modern human beings.  In my book “The Ancient Human Conspiracy”, I talk about how modern human beings have been walking the Earth for much longer than mainstream science is willing to admit.
I am starting a new book soon regarding spirituality, consciousness, God and reincarnation.
I invite your feedback along with new articles.  I am always looking for new topics to add to the site. Please feel free to email me. The information is on the "contact" page. Thanks for your support and your visits to this site.